Patience is a virtue

Dec 06

Patience, not passivity, is highly useful for many aspects of our lives, in parenting especially. Patience is trusting; it’s having faith that our children will come through and do their best to be their best.  With the patience produced by faith, we can find the best of everyone including our own...

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Boys will be boys?

Nov 19

I recall a conversation that I had with a mother of two boys, both of whom are now in college and are pretty well-adjusted. After our conversation, she begged me to travel the country speaking at schools, telling them what I had told her. Our discussion was about the way that little boys are dealt with in schools, specifically about how much more difficult it is for...

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The Importance of teaching our kids about letting go

Nov 12

There are so many aspects to “letting go” Letting go of unhealthy habits, negative friendships, bad environments, bad habits, roadblocks, and etc. There is also another kind of letting go.  It is letting go of other peoples actions, reactions, perceptions, judgments (especially about you), and decisions.  Even though this type of letting go is a very difficult...

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Stress is your friend

Nov 06

Kelly McGonigal is wonderful to watch.   About Stress   Why forgive/take it...

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Optimism can be learned

Nov 05

The author of “Learned optimism,” Martin Seligman, says that children who are optimists overestimate their capabilities, and children who are realists are more accurate about their capabilities. The interesting thing is that the optimistic children with an overestimation of their capabilities are far more successful than the realistic children. In addition, the...

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How to motivate your kids to do homework

Nov 04

Getting kids to do homework appears to be a challenge for many parents. Parents try many various techniques to get their kids to do homework, occasionally creating rules with consequences. However, when homework is finished because of a rule, the goal and focus become centered on obeying that rule instead of on learning, and thus a child is deprived an opportunity...

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What new power looks like

Nov 03

I like the new power that Jeremey Heimans talks of, what it could mean for the future of our children’s world.    

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