Are kids of today, “Economically worthless but emotionally priceless “?

Apr 15

A thoughtful conversation for parents of today. Jennifer Senior: For parents, happiness is a very high...

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My favorite conservative, a man with a beautiful mind

Apr 14

    The one below was sent to me this morning via email, please watch him: David Brooks on...

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The Power of our paradigm

Apr 13

  What if we can powerfully improve the results of our efforts with just an adjustments to our thinking and our ways of looking at life?  What if those adjustments are just little tiny changes to make?  What if that’s all that it takes? We all walk around with blind spots that disconnect us from the very things that could help us live a happier and more...

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In order to achieve greatness you have to go through pain.

Apr 09

On getting up again: Rodney Mullen A concept to teach our youth and to live by-    

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Apr 06

People in education talk about this thing called “Grit,”  and how students need it to have academic success. Grit is endurance that a person needs to last them through difficulties as they attempt to accomplish something. What we need to look at, however, is why some have grit and some don’t? My theory follows.  A child with grit is a child who thinks that he...

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“What’s next?’

Mar 19

Liz Murray, the author of Breaking Night, talks about how she taught herself to make positive choices when she was tempted to make destructive ones. She talks about the times when she would wake up amongst many other homeless kids who were sleeping on the floor, and having to walk over their bodies toward the door. She explains how she experienced the desire to stay...

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Liz Murray – For the Love of Possibility (TEDxYouth)

Mar 18

An amazing woman who went from homelessness to Harvard.      

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