Overcoming anger

Oct 31

A few days ago I wrote about an altercation between a mother and a woman.  Since then, I have gotten many messages from mothers about the sense of outrage and anger that they go through with their loved ones, and how they lose control, but then come to regret their actions. Anger seems to be a chronic problem in many people’s lives. This article offers some...

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“One word” please!

Oct 30

I was absolutely against spanking as a form of discipline for my son.  One day when he was eleven years old, he said to me, after one of my famously long lectures, “mom, maybe you should just spank me and get it over with.”  He was joking, and we both laughed, but I realize that my method of unbearably long lectures was not ideal.  It caused frustrations in...

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“Educating the Heart and Mind”

Oct 29

  Ken Robinson is wonderful!  Give him a listen...

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Hey moms, shall we take a day off?

Oct 28

Moms are sometimes the worst self-butt kickers of all.  Every mistake that they might have made is tallied and mulled over and analyzed and then looked over again.  This is, I think, in attempt to not do that thing again, but all it does is rob her of the “now” and keep her in her past mistakes. Don’t you think the greatest of artists, craftsmen, engineers,...

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Teach by being

Oct 27

I lost my whole family when I was three years old.  I was adopted into a family that adopted me as a servant rather than a daughter. These years created in me a desire to discover what creates self-confidence in a human being. With all the knowledge I had researched under my belt, I was ready to be a good mom, a mom that would establish in her child supreme...

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Chores please!

Oct 26

Many parents run into challenges with how to get their children to participate in household chores. I will share with you my experience, and then also something that Stephen Covey did in his family when he ran into this common issue, and how that worked for him. When my son was about eight years old, I was putting the dishes away and I said out loud, “I cannot...

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It is about anger

Oct 25

While standing in line at a Starbucks, I witnessed a verbal altercation between two women.  A little girl was walking along side the line between her mother and the front counter, seemingly in anticipation of getting to the order counter to order. One of the other customers told the mother to keep better control of her child. The mother snapped back at the woman,...

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