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How and why you should stop your children’s screen addiction

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Hillary Clinton is a super hero, a role model for every little girl



When I was just a toddler I was adopted by a childless couple.  My father who had a deep distaste for women resented my personality in every way.  I grew up never knowing what to do or how to behave in front of him or around him since the punches and poundings came at me with not a consistent origin or cause.  I made things worse for myself because I was headstrong and full of life, which meant, without meaning to, I defied everything about him.

Even though I managed to leave those two people at age fifteen, it took me a very long time to learn how to honor my own voice and to trust what I think and what I feel.  As a grown woman, I am still coming into my full self.

A few years after I left them, my mother said to me, “if you had been prettier, softer, more girl like in your behavior, he would not have beaten you.”  She may have been right in some ways.

All of his beating, physical and emotional, was to beat out of me who I was.  My mother used to say to me when I was a little girl, “you are too smart for your own good.  That’s why you are a bad girl.”

In response I used to pray every day for God to make me not so smart, so that I could be good.

What I grew up into, how I ended up responding to those two people in my childhood, so that I don’t let them win, is to become passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of children.  I can call myself a survivor.  

But I know another survivor.   She has been through the hell and back and really not many think of her that way because she has never let anyone think of her that way.

The abuse that she has endured is not quite as obvious as a child abuse and the toll that must have taken in her life and her heart is not readily apparent because she will never tell you that or does she appear to even look at herself that way.

In the end she has turned herself into so much more than a survivor, but a super strength woman because she managed to power through the pressure of emotional punches and stayed on course of her life, her own hero’s journey and never allowed those immense pressures and roadblocks to stop her from doing her work.

She is a superhero because most normal humans would have quit a long time ago.  She has fortitude unlike most.

Her abusers, GOP and others with motivations that I cannot explain have put her into awful positions.  They have pushed her off balance with the games that continued to change.  She has had to adopt and adjust so that she, a woman could survive in order to stay in the game, that which many now use to accuse her of being dishonest.  But through all of this she does not complain or claim being victimized.

If she cannot express what is deep in her heart, we the world had forced it upon her.  She would have been accused of being weak or she would have been cut off of her path.

If she had lived her life like Bernie Sanders, she would have never made it this far in the political game.

She has had to fight off million different forces that Bernie Sanders could never even imagine or understand.

I am with Hillary Clinton because I am so damn proud to watch a woman not let anything crumble her and she fights.

Her slogan that she is fighting for us, is so appropriate.  She has fought an amazing fight and she is still standing.  I cannot think of anyone who can match that strength, that tenacity and endurance.

Throughout this campaign, she never once wined.  She never once said woe’s me, look what they are doing to me.  She never aligned herself with the imagery or the idea of victimhood.  

That to me is a measure of a true leader.

Hillary Clinton makes me proud to be a woman.

Free Your Child From Screen Addiction


I just finished a new book!


I wrote this book to help parents who are struggling to get control over their children’s obsession with screens.  It is imperative that we address this problem sooner than later.  The authentic happiness of our children depends on it.

I see parents helplessly applying desperate and extreme measures to gain even a little bit of control. They give warnings. They make idle threats. They even punish their children. Still, they are ineffective in stopping the screen addiction. Some parents may believe their bribes and punishments are working. However, the fact remains: nothing is working. Not consistently, and definitely not permanently.  As a parent myself, I have to wonder if deep down these parents know that their attempts are futile.

When a parent-child relationship is characterized by, “You live under my roof, and you will obey my rules!” authentic communication is difficult.  Children in this type of environment react in one of three ways: 1) They may appease their parents on the surface while doing what they want under the radar.  2) They may simply rebel and fight back. 3) Perhaps the worst, they may simply comply to authority with no regard for how they really feel, and never find their own voices or grow to be self-actualized adults.

Our goal here is to authentically solve the screen addiction problem.  My goal with this book  is to help you do just that.

My book, Free Your Child From Screen Addiction will be available as a free down load for 5 days on Amazon, starting Saturday, 4/30/2016  

Please feel free to let your friends know about the free down load so they can all get a copy.


How to teach your kids to be good


If you find that your kids are bullies, violent or selfish, stop looking at your spouse.  I mean it!  Stop!

Turn the mirror around and take a real good look at yourself.

You must take a long look at your own self for clues.  Are you selfish?  Are you a bully?  Do you often disregard other’s needs to meet your own?

If you find that your children often have difficulty owning up to what they do wrong, ask yourself, can you ever own up to your mistakes?

You have to be very careful of what you do when you are a parent or a teacher because the children around you learn just too well how to be a human from watching you.

Are you moral, ethical and honest?  Are you kind and giving?  Are you a user of others?  Do you feel superior to others for various reasons?  Your children most likely will copy all those attributes.

You cannot be a part time good person either.  “Oh, I don’t do that around them.”  No!  That does not work.  Your children know who you are, the kind of person you truly are and they will surely become you.

 You have to be a good human, if you want your children to grow up to be good humans.  There is no other way around it!

How to have perfect children


Positive method is most effective while teaching and guiding children if you want them to learn how to be their very best.

Some would argue that it is all about consequences. If giving out consequences are your primary teaching or parenting techniques, you have already lost.

Parents who are too into their images and what they look like to their peers, forget the ‘truth” of the matter… Children in their lives will either have to always lie to them or be in full rebellion against them.

Simply put, stop focusing on what you might deem “wrong” with your kids and start celebrating what is beautiful about them.

If you do that, you might just find yourself discovering what is so right and perfect about your kids and then they will soon be more perfectly beautiful than you had ever imagined possible.

Teaching kindness continued


Kristine Breese from the Parent’s Magazine offers great advice on teaching children how to be kind.

She proposes that children naturally want to be kind and what we need to do is to nurture and encourage it.

She advocates that we participate in helpful acts.  The acts of doing everything from helping your neighbors pull out their trash cans when they are ill to taking recycling to recycling centers then dropping off the money in donation places are wonderful ways to teach and model kindness.

Teaching kindness will take time but well worth the effort.

Please check out her article here.  It is not too late or too early to teach and nurture kindness.

How to teach kindness and empathy.


Hello everyone!  I am sorry to have been away for such a long time.

I am back now committed to bringing you useful information for your work as a parent, as a teacher and as a child care worker.

First, to be at your best with children, you must always take care to do the following:

  • Be loving to yourself.
  • Have fun, be fun.
  • Take time to be joyful.
  • Be in the moment, be yourself
  • Always be kind to yourself.
  • Be self aware but don’t indulge in harsh self criticisms

My focus lately is on the topic of teaching kindness and empathy.  I am going to share everything I learn about this with you because it is very important and very urgent for all of us.

For starters, be very mindful of your actions with your children.  Be genuinely kind, forgiving and empathetic.  Be kind and empathetic to others in front of them.  Be fully present.  Be in the moment with them so that they can learn how to do the same.

I’ll be back with more on the hows on this very important topic.  Thank you for joining me!