Importance of forgiving

Jul 26

Forgiving is not always an easy task.  We definitely cannot forgive others if we do not know how to forgive ourselves. We are hard on ourselves. It seems that we believe the road to being a good human is to make ourselves suffer whenever we fail at something. The opposite is true. As we are harsh with ourselves, we lose energy, creativity, and the power to move...

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A proof of good parenting

Jul 21

  Alaa Murabit’s Ted...

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Importance of good grades

Jul 11

There is nothing wrong with students getting good grades. Knowing how to work hard and striving for one’s best is a positive attribute. However, for many, getting good grade becomes the primary goal. More important than getting good grades, getting into top colleges, and getting top paying careers is finding work that gives the individual a sense of fulfillment...

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Do you know why you were born?

Apr 07

  Boniface Mwangi: The day I stood up...

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Dame Stephanie Shirley, what an amazing woman, what an amazing life!

Mar 31

“Work is not what I do while I wish to be doing something else” — Dame Stephanie Shirley I want to see all children discover how to live a life so deeply worth...

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What love of a family can do!

Feb 13

What an amazing kid!      

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Don’t Make Mountains out of Molehills

Jan 29

I was speaking with the father of a thirteen year old girl.  They had just had a fight about the quality of her work in math. She has been performing poorly, and not asking for help in proactive ways.  Her teacher feels that her statement, “I don’t know how to do this, can you help me,” indicates laziness. What she is displaying, in truth, is that she has...

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