A Vindication of the rights of Mary Shelley

Jul 24

Losing her loved ones started on the 10th day of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley’s life.  Today, most people do not remember her work for her.  Most don’t know that she was only eighteen when she wrote the famous Frankenstein.  She was one of three contemporaries, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Mary Shelley.  Lord Byron and Percy Shelley went on...

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Fail gloriously!

Jul 23

I taught my first class at my new learning center Monday night.  There was a student there that challenged my qualifications from the beginning of the class, and this threw me off balance.  It was a two hour class, and I did manage to recuperate and teach for the most part, and I think in the end even that particular student came around and became appreciative of...

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Real happiness?

Jul 18

In my conversation with a friend I got to really think about what happiness might mean to me. He said something to the point that once I have gotten my current business off the ground, when I am happy with its success level, then I will feel that I am ready for the next phase of life and look for that real happiness, the happiness of love, an intimate relationship...

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What are your habits?

Jul 15

Today someone told me, “You’ve got to follow your genius and the rest will just fall away.” It is the habitual actions that determine whether a person reaches their potential or not. The habit, productive or unproductive, success making or failure making, is what makes someone seem to have it easy or hard in life. We really have to be careful and mindful of...

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Embracing “the glorious mess that [we] are”

Jul 13

I have been experiencing a crisis of faith sort of thing from time to time lately… my happiness and my sense of “being okay” have been wavering back and forth. It is a combination of feeling as though I am not doing everything correctly, reflecting or remembering the mistakes that I have made in my life, and looking around and noticing others who seem to be...

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Feng Shui

Jul 07

For the last three years or so, I lived in places that I did not choose and dwellings that I found hard to love.  I was not very happy and I was less than at peace. During this time, I, of course, had other challenges that were manifested either by others in my life or by me, which were difficult and painful. Recently I moved into a space that is beautiful,...

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To Love

Jul 06

I had always assumed that I practiced unconditional love because my heart loves my son unconditionally.  I love him no matter what and will love him no matter what. However, when I heard a wonderful man named Chandler Cleveland speak today about the true meaning of unconditional love, it made me question whether I act in ways that helps my son feel that he is loved...

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