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Boys will be boys?


I recall a conversation that I had with a mother of two boys, both of whom are now in college and are pretty well-adjusted.

After our conversation, she begged me to travel the country speaking at schools, telling them what I had told her.

Our discussion was about the way that little boys are dealt with in schools, specifically about how much more difficult it is for them to sit still and be obedient, and how this can lead teachers to deal with them as troublemakers. This is not healthy for those young boys, or their senses of self.  Boys are not being bad during these times, they’re just not physically able, and teachers often do not recognize this, seeing those boys only as being problem children.

This sensibility is not good for the cohesive and healthy relating between the two sexes.

Deborah M. Roffman’s article about this very topic is very intelligently written and we should all start thinking about, if we have not been thinking about it already.


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