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Don’t Make Mountains out of Molehills


I was speaking with the father of a thirteen year old girl.  They had just had a fight about the quality of her work in math.

She has been performing poorly, and not asking for help in proactive ways.  Her teacher feels that her statement, “I don’t know how to do this, can you help me,” indicates laziness.

What she is displaying, in truth, is that she has given up on herself.  Most often kids give up on trying when they think that they are doomed for failure.  Why should she try if her effort will lead to nothing?  It is better, in her opinion, to avoid doing something than deal with the humiliation of failure.

She is plagued with what affects many of us in different phases of our lives.  Some even live this way without knowing that they are living this way. They just live with a bad self-image underlining their lives.

What we could do for kids who are going through this is to break down the challenge/questions into smaller sizes.  We should go back as far as we need to in order to build back her foundation of knowledge, so that she can get back on her task with sense of confidence.

Often times what stands in our way is our own self-doubt.  The mountain that stands before us often is not really a mountain… Usually it is just a little mole hill.


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