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How to teach your kids to be good


If you find that your kids are bullies, violent or selfish, stop looking at your spouse.  I mean it!  Stop!

Turn the mirror around and take a real good look at yourself.

You must take a long look at your own self for clues.  Are you selfish?  Are you a bully?  Do you often disregard other’s needs to meet your own?

If you find that your children often have difficulty owning up to what they do wrong, ask yourself, can you ever own up to your mistakes?

You have to be very careful of what you do when you are a parent or a teacher because the children around you learn just too well how to be a human from watching you.

Are you moral, ethical and honest?  Are you kind and giving?  Are you a user of others?  Do you feel superior to others for various reasons?  Your children most likely will copy all those attributes.

You cannot be a part time good person either.  “Oh, I don’t do that around them.”  No!  That does not work.  Your children know who you are, the kind of person you truly are and they will surely become you.

 You have to be a good human, if you want your children to grow up to be good humans.  There is no other way around it!

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