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Free Your Child From Screen Addiction


I just finished a new book!


I wrote this book to help parents who are struggling to get control over their children’s obsession with screens.  It is imperative that we address this problem sooner than later.  The authentic happiness of our children depends on it.

I see parents helplessly applying desperate and extreme measures to gain even a little bit of control. They give warnings. They make idle threats. They even punish their children. Still, they are ineffective in stopping the screen addiction. Some parents may believe their bribes and punishments are working. However, the fact remains: nothing is working. Not consistently, and definitely not permanently.  As a parent myself, I have to wonder if deep down these parents know that their attempts are futile.

When a parent-child relationship is characterized by, “You live under my roof, and you will obey my rules!” authentic communication is difficult.  Children in this type of environment react in one of three ways: 1) They may appease their parents on the surface while doing what they want under the radar.  2) They may simply rebel and fight back. 3) Perhaps the worst, they may simply comply to authority with no regard for how they really feel, and never find their own voices or grow to be self-actualized adults.

Our goal here is to authentically solve the screen addiction problem.  My goal with this book  is to help you do just that.

My book, Free Your Child From Screen Addiction will be available as a free down load for 5 days on Amazon, starting Saturday, 4/30/2016  

Please feel free to let your friends know about the free down load so they can all get a copy.


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