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How to truly protect our children from drugs and other negative influences

How to heal hurt and teach kindness to children

How and why you should stop your children’s screen addiction

How and why you should stop your children’s screen addiction

How to get your kids to listen to you


Hillary Clinton is a super hero, a role model for every little girl


When I was just a toddler I was adopted by a childless couple. My father who had a deep distaste for women resented my personality in every way. I grew up never knowing what to do or how to behave in front of him or around him since the punches and poundings came […]

Free Your Child From Screen Addiction


I just finished a new book!

I wrote this book to help parents who are struggling to get control over their children’s obsession with screens. It is imperative that we address this problem sooner than later. The authentic happiness of our children depends on it.

I see parents helplessly applying desperate and […]

How to teach your kids to be good

If you find that your kids are bullies, violent or selfish, stop looking at your spouse. I mean it! Stop!

Turn the mirror around and take a real good look at yourself.

You must take a long look at your own self for clues. Are you selfish? Are you a bully? Do you often […]

How to have perfect children

Positive method is most effective while teaching and guiding children if you want them to learn how to be their very best.

Some would argue that it is all about consequences. If giving out consequences are your primary teaching or parenting techniques, you have already lost.

Parents who are too into their images and […]

Teaching kindness continued

Kristine Breese from the Parent’s Magazine offers great advice on teaching children how to be kind.

She proposes that children naturally want to be kind and what we need to do is to nurture and encourage it.

She advocates that we participate in helpful acts. The acts of doing everything from helping your neighbors […]

How to teach kindness and empathy.

Hello everyone! I am sorry to have been away for such a long time.

I am back now committed to bringing you useful information for your work as a parent, as a teacher and as a child care worker.

First, to be at your best with children, you must always take care to […]