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How and why you should stop your children’s screen addiction

How and why you should stop your children’s screen addiction

Free Your Child From Screen Addiction


I just finished a new book!

I wrote this book to help parents who are struggling to get control over their children’s obsession with screens. It is imperative that we address this problem sooner than later. The authentic happiness of our children depends on it.

I see parents helplessly applying desperate and […]

Importance of forgiving

Forgiving is not always an easy task. We definitely cannot forgive others if we do not know how to forgive ourselves.

We are hard on ourselves. It seems that we believe the road to being a good human is to make ourselves suffer whenever we fail at something.

The opposite […]

What love of a family can do!

What an amazing kid!



Don’t Make Mountains out of Molehills

I was speaking with the father of a thirteen year old girl. They had just had a fight about the quality of her work in math.

She has been performing poorly, and not asking for help in proactive ways. Her teacher feels that her statement, “I don’t know how […]

To Love

I had always assumed that I practiced unconditional love because my heart loves my son unconditionally. I love him no matter what and will love him no matter what.

However, when I heard a wonderful man named Chandler Cleveland speak today about the true meaning of unconditional love, it made me […]

Are kids of today, “Economically worthless but emotionally priceless “?

A thoughtful conversation for parents of today.

Jennifer Senior: For parents, happiness is a very high bar




The golden rules.

I came across a passage in a book that talked about the golden rules: being kind and good to others. The book explained how this is a part of a hero’s journey.

It is such an easy concept that, at first, I found it boring. Of course, everyone knows that, I thought.

Then […]

There is no such thing as a bad kid.

I was telling a story from my childhood to my son. At one point I said, “yeah, I was a troublemaker… a bad kid” to which my son replied, “no you were not! There is no such thing as a bad kid. You taught me that!”

He is right; those words were my […]

How to communicate our disappointments

When we parents or teachers dole out consequences to our children for something that they’ve done wrong, it is extremely important that we be sure to make them understand that we disapprove of their behavior, but not of them.

It is understandable that we would feel disappointed, or even angry, when children do […]