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How to truly protect our children from drugs and other negative influences

Free Your Child From Screen Addiction


I just finished a new book!

I wrote this book to help parents who are struggling to get control over their children’s obsession with screens. It is imperative that we address this problem sooner than later. The authentic happiness of our children depends on it.

I see parents helplessly applying desperate and […]

Importance of forgiving

Forgiving is not always an easy task. We definitely cannot forgive others if we do not know how to forgive ourselves.

We are hard on ourselves. It seems that we believe the road to being a good human is to make ourselves suffer whenever we fail at something.

The opposite […]

A proof of good parenting


Alaa Murabit’s Ted talk

Importance of good grades

There is nothing wrong with students getting good grades. Knowing how to work hard and striving for one’s best is a positive attribute.

However, for many, getting good grade becomes the primary goal.

More important than getting good grades, getting into top colleges, and getting top paying careers is finding work that […]

Don’t Make Mountains out of Molehills

I was speaking with the father of a thirteen year old girl. They had just had a fight about the quality of her work in math.

She has been performing poorly, and not asking for help in proactive ways. Her teacher feels that her statement, “I don’t know how […]

Patience is a virtue

Patience, not passivity, is highly useful for many aspects of our lives, in parenting especially.

Patience is trusting; it’s having faith that our children will come through and do their best to be their best. With the patience produced by faith, we can find the best of everyone including our […]

Boys will be boys?

I recall a conversation that I had with a mother of two boys, both of whom are now in college and are pretty well-adjusted.

After our conversation, she begged me to travel the country speaking at schools, telling them what I had told her.

Our discussion was about the way […]

The Importance of teaching our kids about letting go

There are so many aspects to “letting go”

Letting go of unhealthy habits, negative friendships, bad environments, bad habits, roadblocks, and etc.

There is also another kind of letting go. It is letting go of other peoples actions, reactions, perceptions, judgments (especially about you), and decisions. Even though this type […]

Optimism can be learned

The author of “Learned optimism,” Martin Seligman, says that children who are optimists overestimate their capabilities, and children who are realists are more accurate about their capabilities.

The interesting thing is that the optimistic children with an overestimation of their capabilities are far more successful than the realistic children.