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How to heal hurt and teach kindness to children

Need for a daily thinking workout

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Edward de Bono talks about the importance of perception in his book, Teach Your Child How To Think.

So how do we affect our perception so that we can think well? It could be as simple as directing our attention correctly.

De Bono compares thinking practices […]

Logic can lead to bad thinking!

Logic can lead to bad thinking! I have seen this over and over again!

The quality of logic is in the perception of the beholder basically.

Many proudly walk around claiming that they are logical thinkers and rely heavily on the answers that they come up with because they believe in their logical […]

Design thinking

Design thinking is “putting things together to achieve an effect.”

Edward de Bono suggests that there is evidence to prove that our brain is a “self-organizing system,” and that in a system like that, we need creativity. De Bono says that creativity can and needs to be trained… creativity does not simply exist in […]

To challenge critical thinking

Edward De Bono challenges the notion that a goal for our children, or even for ourselves, is to become critical thinkers. More aptly put, he sees value in critical thinking, but argues that critical thinking is not what defines our children as good thinkers. He even claims that it is a dangerous thing to […]