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How to get your kids to listen to you


How to teach kindness and empathy.

Hello everyone! I am sorry to have been away for such a long time.

I am back now committed to bringing you useful information for your work as a parent, as a teacher and as a child care worker.

First, to be at your best with children, you must always take care to […]

Do you know why you were born?


Boniface Mwangi: The day I stood up alone


Why does the universe exist?

Jim Holt’s talk on Ted.

Thou shalt not judge

Judging can be one of the most pleasurable things. We can make clear sense of a person or an event, and walk away feeling self-satisfied that we got that one figured out.

There is also a survival instinct in all of us that has used this sense, judging, to keep ourselves […]

I don’t believe in luck!

Random fantastic things happen all the time to some people, and we call it luck.

I’d rather think that we make our own forward motion, and meet with those events that can take us closer to whatever it is that we are pursuing.

The best kind of luck that we can create […]

How Childhood traumas affect adulthood

A young man who is passionate about Education just recommended a wonderful book to me called How Children succeed by Paul Tough. I am so happy to be reading it.

Early in the book he mentions a study called, “The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Health: Turning Gold into Lead” by […]

Don’t give up, don’t settle!



Is having intelligence like having a great car?

I just picked up a book called Teach Your Child How To Think by Edward de Bono. He starts the book off by saying, “This book is Not For You If…” and then goes through many preconceived notions about what it means to be a good thinker. The first entry on the list is, […]

Ode to a thankful heart

There is a young man that I admire. Alan is a barista at a cafe that I frequent. He is always warm and welcoming, and I have not been able to ignore that. The other day, I heard him say that he is thankful that he has running water.

I have always been […]