How to have perfect children

Feb 07


Positive method is most effective while teaching and guiding children if you want them to learn how to be their very best.

Some would argue that it is all about consequences. If giving out consequences are your primary teaching or parenting techniques, you have already lost.

Parents who are too into their images and what they look like to their peers, forget the ‘truth” of the matter… Children in their lives will either have to always lie to them or be in full rebellion against them.

Simply put, stop focusing on what you might deem “wrong” with your kids and start celebrating what is beautiful about them.

If you do that, you might just find yourself discovering what is so right and perfect about your kids and then they will soon be more perfectly beautiful than you had ever imagined possible.

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Teaching kindness continued

Feb 01


Kristine Breese from the Parent’s Magazine offers great advice on teaching children how to be kind.

She proposes that children naturally want to be kind and what we need to do is to nurture and encourage it.

She advocates that we participate in helpful acts.  The acts of doing everything from helping your neighbors pull out their trash cans when they are ill to taking recycling to recycling centers then dropping off the money in donation places are wonderful ways to teach and model kindness.

Teaching kindness will take time but well worth the effort.

Please check out her article here.  It is not too late or too early to teach and nurture kindness.

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How to teach kindness and empathy.

Jan 28


Hello everyone!  I am sorry to have been away for such a long time.

I am back now committed to bringing you useful information for your work as a parent, as a teacher and as a child care worker.

First, to be at your best with children, you must always take care to do the following:

  • Be loving to yourself.
  • Have fun, be fun.
  • Take time to be joyful.
  • Be in the moment, be yourself
  • Always be kind to yourself.
  • Be self aware but don’t indulge in harsh self criticisms

My focus lately is on the topic of teaching kindness and empathy.  I am going to share everything I learn about this with you because it is very important and very urgent for all of us.

For starters, be very mindful of your actions with your children.  Be genuinely kind, forgiving and empathetic.  Be kind and empathetic to others in front of them.  Be fully present.  Be in the moment with them so that they can learn how to do the same.

I’ll be back with more on the hows on this very important topic.  Thank you for joining me!

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Importance of forgiving

Jul 26


Forgiving is not always an easy task.  We definitely cannot forgive others if we do not know how to forgive ourselves.

We are hard on ourselves. It seems that we believe the road to being a good human is to make ourselves suffer whenever we fail at something.

The opposite is true.

As we are harsh with ourselves, we lose energy, creativity, and the power to move forward.  We often fall into depression and negative self-judgement.  Depression causes us to become powerless.

We must give young people the room to make mistakes.

But first, to really teach forgiveness and self-compassion, we must start the practice with ourselves.

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A proof of good parenting

Jul 21



Alaa Murabit’s Ted talk

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Importance of good grades

Jul 11


There is nothing wrong with students getting good grades. Knowing how to work hard and striving for one’s best is a positive attribute.

However, for many, getting good grade becomes the primary goal.

More important than getting good grades, getting into top colleges, and getting top paying careers is finding work that gives the individual a sense of fulfillment and joy.

If we focus on finding work that we love, then in the end, we will have lived a life worth living.  Isn’t that what we want for our kids? Isn’t authentic happiness what we want for our kids?  Wouldn’t that create a better world?

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Do you know why you were born?

Apr 07



Boniface Mwangi: The day I stood up alone



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